Yup, the title says it all…marketing and I don’t get each other.  Truly.  Perhaps it’s the fact that like most authors I work a day job, have a family, and other life obligations. Or perhaps it’s the fact that in order to get the gold star in marketing you have to either have the gold card in funds or enough reviews to support a large city.  Either way my days go like this; I get up, go to work, come home, feed the troops, go to meetings, and finally after everyone is snug as a bug in a rug I settle down with a cup of tea and start book-ish things.

It’s exhausting…

But you do it anyways…somehow…until 2 or 3 in the morning.

Here is what I learned: A Glimpse Into Social Media

FB groups are FILLED to the brim with people just like you, posting their promotions, telling you their 5 star, burying your work under heaps and heaps of “buy now”.  It looks like a normal day on Wall Street, everyone screaming over the other.  And after all your fighting to get to the top of a FB page that, lets be honest, will sell your book to no one, because everyone is trying the damnedest to get the others attention.  Your readers aren’t on these pages; they’re overwhelmed with the amount of spam we’re all flooding their eyes with.

Try simpler, try finding your target audience.  Join groups that want to talk about what you love.  For me it was science fiction.  I got into a group that is totally kick-ass with sci-fi chicks, and of course you don’t spam them.  You join in, talk, share, laugh, post.  Be a human being int heir society, not an infomercial.  Eventually, they will ask what you do.  Winner winner chicken dinner.  Talk about being an author.  If they ask, and they will, show them your book, or direct them to your own website of FB page.  Seems simple right?  Patience grasshopper, that’s all you’ll need.

Instagram is another one that I don’t mind doing.  I find it fun, and the time of day that I have to work with seems to be when my target audience is online (high point for me is anywhere between 8-10pm).  I adore hashtags, making a game out of it.  I stay away from common combinations like #buy #books #NYC, and instead find tags that have under 3,000 posts.  You’ll be what pops up first longer that way, and smaller audiences means more followers, because you’re not hidden.  I learned not to just spam everyone’s feed with my amazon or B&N link.  I tend to find things that make me laugh and post those with clever hashtags, and then once or twice a week I’ll direct my new followers to my page or my kindle link.  I tend to follow people who share the same interests, rather than strictly following book clubs.  Remember you are you, and you are what sells first on social media, your title comes second.  It’s all about connections.

Lastly, for me at least, there’s Twitter.  I don’t get this, not one bit. But I do it, trying to fit my words and tags in so many characters.  I reply or re-tweet and immediately am lost as to where my comments went.  Thank heavens for millennial children…without them I would have thrown the laptop out the window in the same moment I created the account.

Pretty simple, it seems it would only take moments, but social media keeps me up at night.  Creating images, finding words and tags, trying not to suffocate under the weight of a bazillion other writers looking for a sale.

For example: This is the ad I ran this weekend, the picture took me a couple of hours to create, and posting on social media at just the right moments for my audience (US & UK timelines), and just the right tags took another hour…before you know it, it’s 2:45 am.

“Aylin’s journey through time and space will be on sale for Kindle June 10-14. Download it for her attitude, read it for his story, finish it because you can’t stop…”

How to Get Your Copy

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If anyone knows about other social medias, please comment and share!