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Last weekend ACN traveled to Scare-A-Con in Upstate New York.  An amazing event where we had so much fun; we completely forgot to sell books!  It was such a great atmosphere, completely different from other signings! Who wouldn’t love mingling when you were among these great characters?!?!?

Now, it’s time for us to catch our breath and focus on Book 2: Sister’s Lament.  Poor thing is starved for attention!


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Broken Mirror & other morbid tales




Here’s the thing about horror, it’s either beautiful in the way it makes that chill run, like the way “Silent Hill” manages no matter how many times you experience it. Or its…its cheesy, let’s say a “Leprechaun” level of B rating.
Broken Mirror is definitely no Leprechaun. well, ok, fine one Leprechaun, but don’t worry there are plenty more stories than that one in this collection!
You might even find yourself reading a story which such Poe like romantic irony you have to re-read that particular one twice! It was by far my favorite, very poetic, & very sweetly written. For that story alone (Impatient for Death) the entire book is worth a read.

For those if you that need more, the entire collection covers a wide array of fears, pain, emotion. Each character takes you on an instance. One single moment in their existence. You are just lucky enough to get them at their worst. That is probably the best part. You don’t know the beginning, or the end, all you get to see is this snapshot. No background, no foreshadowing, no development to this very instance, no clue as to what happens after the dust has settled. I love the “snapshot” story telling this collection gives you.

Whitby After Dark

Whitby After Dark by Stella Coulson is a novel about a young girl trying to fit into a new town, a new place where nothing ordinary is as it seems when it comes to the inhabitants. Along her short story the main character Lenore stumbles into Whitby’s secret, a life other than that of any normal high school’s student; filled with vampires, ghosts, beasts and creatures. There is no time to process anything surrounding her as there is a crime to be solved, and she is the link to solving it.
The very first handful of pages, I was mesmerized by the unfolding of what I thought would be a heart wrenching tale of sexual abuse. However, just like Lenore we were swept away (for the most part) from that story line into a world of creatures. The entire book was under 100 pages, and it left something to be desired character wise, plot wise, setting wise…you’re left feeling rushed or confused, and parts left me wanting to explore Lenore and her unusual talent more than I was given the opportunity.

The entire supernatural theme in addition to the sparse development of characters gave you more of a sense that the entire story about Whitby was a dream, so close, but yet the cat has your tongue. That was a new experience for me to go through when reading a book, and it made the lack of development make more sense.

Iniquity by Melody Winter


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ACN adores books…and fellow #indieauthors. We strive to help you find and and indie author find each other!

Books like:

Iniquity by Melody Winter

Iniquity is a very beautifully described story, about one girls journey through her assigned place in a demon ruled dystopian world. The way Melody Winter writes you can feel the weather through the description as well as see blindly in darkness as the lead character Athena fumbles her way through a life that she wants no part in.
Almost instantly, I adored Paymon as he went from Athena’s village demon, the stories villain, to a compassionate companion. I couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say, see how much further his true nature (not that of his demon side) came forward.

And then he was ripped from the story…

It was heartbreaking…

His replacement, Erebus completely rubbed me the wrong way, from the very first sentence he’s written in all I saw in his imagery was Gaston from ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ That visual never went away.  Even when he became the hero opposite of his love interest Athena. 

It didn’t change the way the book was written, the imagery was just as vivid and this quick read is something I would recommend to someone who doesn’t normally read dystopian apocalyptic type novels. It is an easy way into the genre.

Have you read Team Charlie yet?



It is no secret that I simply put adore books, the only thing better than a book is that feeling you get after the last page is read…the book hang over. One of the journeys I get to take as an author is reading books done by others in my field and ‘discovering’ new voices.  Seeing the world through someone else’s eyes and letting my mind take its own spin on their written works.  I especially have a soft spot for indie authors.  Let me introduce to one of my favorites; Mark Lages and his Team Charlie…

Meet Mark Lages (that guy up there in the picture). He’s an indie author who never once considered going traditional, why would he?  He has complete control over his children; Church of the Divine Duck, Andy Bloom, & My Remarkable Little Monkey (to name a few of those kids).  Mark’s books are also anything but traditional…just look at how their described:

“Welcome to the extraordinary world of Mark Lages, a place where monkeys can talk, where Jesus has an older brother named Marvin, and where a sweet, unassuming grandmother suddenly bursts into a raging, car-tossing cousin of Godzilla. Often outlandish, yet also remarkably down to earth, Mark’s tales are always memorable, intelligent, and relentlessly entertaining. Mark’s stories aren’t for everyone. If you don’t like testing the waters of the outrageous, and if you don’t like seeing the status quo poked and prodded for the truth, you probably won’t become much of a Mark Lages fan. But if you like pushing at boundaries and seeing the real world explained and exposed in new ways, these stories might be just right for you…”

While, I will admit I haven’t read many of his novels I already have a favorite in Team Charlie. Team Charlie is the story of Charlie (obviously), who is never alone having a pirate, a priest, an ex-girlfriend, a planet, a hippy, and Bob all trying to talk over each other in his head. While this is a story about mental illness, it takes a viewpoint of Charlie and his voices in a way that I have never read before. Immediately, Mark catches your attention and gets you right in the feels in his introduction of Charlie; a middle aged man, once the pillar of his community now needing someone to attend to him 24 hours a day. When you meet Charlie it is through the voice of Charlie’s father, and it sounds as if he is talking to a child, not a forty-something year old man. It has a Catcher In The Rye feel, the same outpouring of protectiveness you have for Lennie, you’ll instantly feel for Charlie (yes, I am bias, out of all the voices in his head Charlie’s is my favorite).

You watch Charlie follow the voices, you listen to them protect him through death, upheaval, the streets of LA, jobs, women, and anything else that Charlie seems to stumble upon. In each scenario you instantly cheer for Charlie, or you get frustrated at how naïve he is, you find yourself actually agreeing with a voice or two, or wanting to argue with the others, and most of all you wonder how a man can fall so far from Grace and never once notice he’s literally sleeping on rock bottom.

There are a range of instant emotions that the author draws out of you in such a quick read. While one moment I was proud when Charlie found himself, I wanted to slap sense into his family (his children in particular). One minute I’m embarrassed at his innocence in normal day adventures, the next instant I’m saying wait a minute why is that even part of the story????? Throughout the entire book you wait, and wait, and wait, for Charlie to find his Julia. The one thing that can hold him all together, without the voices. But this isn’t that kind of story.

In the end, Charlie teaches us that loneliness is a very very powerful thing. The need to be wanted, or part of something (even if it’s of your own imagination) is vital to everything we are. And even though the ending for me was sad, two steps back for such a giant leap forward, my husband agrees with Charlie telling me he would have done the same exact thing.

I did enjoy the book, the views on life are spot on. But it’s the emotions these characters bring out in you that will keep you saying ‘one more chapter.’

Good job Mr. Lages!

If you want to join Team Charlie or any of the other stories (next in my pile is a tall tale of a talking monkey My Remarkable Little Monkey) you can visit Mark at pick up one of his novels on Amazon or email the man himself at


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A Charming Nightmare’s Virtual Book Tour

Unknowingly I ended up in a virtual book tour, it was a short tour, a handful of interviews and one guest blog.  The entire experience was new, exhausting, repetitive,  a TON of fun and great for my bank accounts self-esteem!

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