2019 Resolutions

2019 holds a vast amount of new prospects for ACN.  Between the release of book 3: Another Word for Ledge sometime in the spring, other writing projects, and our office’s never ending wish list, we have decided to put EVERYTHING on hold and make sure all our ducks are in a row.

Our goal is to be a center for authors-a place for not only readers to discover their new favorite book, but a hub for authors on any publishing platform to connect.  To learn.  And to grow from one another.

In order to do this we have put the Indie Beginning Podcast on the back burner-not gone-just on hiatus for the time being.  For the long list of authors who have submitted to Indie Beginning we thank you for your continued patience, and promise the changes would be beneficial to all of us.

With all this being said-we want to hear from you-authors and readers.  What would you like to see come to ACN?  How about a bulletin board where you can find an editor, a graphic designer, cover artist, or BETA reader?  Or a cafe where we tell you what coffee or wine pairs best with the excerpt you are about to read from a new author?  Book club? Author interview? Author take over? More articles from the people who are sitting in the same seat you are now with their own pieces?  How about a discussion-a place to throw a clip out there to the world and get feedback from readers and writers alike?  Or a virtual library?

In the final days of 2018 we would love to hear from you-and if you could have anything from us; what would it be?  What would ACNBooks look like for you next year?



Thank you, Mr. Burton

Over the last few days I have thanked Chris Hardwick and Mike Rowe for #inspiring me to “do my thing” and follow my own path. Today a must thank LeVar Burton for promoting reading to everyone young and old. I still remember Reading Rainbow and wanting to read more because of it. I mention #LeVarBurtonReads on the pilot episode of our show because while I was listening to Mr. Burton read “What It Means When a Man Falls From the Sky” by Lesley Nneka Arimah I had my Ah-ha moment. I had been playing with the idea of starting a podcast and my Co-Host / Wife / Boss, Marie, was talking about some of the struggles indie authors face. At that moment I asked her if she would be interested in a #podcast and !boom! our third child was born! I do not think I would like books as much as I do if it weren’t for Mr. Burton and Reading Rainbow, nor would I be starting this new chapter. Thank you Mr. Burton.

Thank you, Mr. Rowe

Today I would like to thank another man that has no idea who I am or how much he has #inspired me.
I have been a fan of Mike Rowe for many years. He was a great host on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe and he has an amazing ability to tell a story (if you haven’t checked it out The Way I Heard It is worth every second of your time! Most importantly I am a fan of the way Mr. Rowe promotes and tries to destigmatize jobs that people find low or beneath them. Skilled labor is important and there is nothing low about it. We are warm, safe, fed and healthy (thank your local plumber!) because of each of these individuals. More so Mr. Rowe has helped me realize that a job helping others is especially important in this world, and that is how Indie Beginning got started. Thank you Mr. Rowe and everyone at Dirty Jobs / The Way I Heard It!

Thank you, Mr. Hardwick

With only a week left before our Indie Beginning #podcast goes “live” I (Ben) would like to take the next few days to thank a few people that have no idea who I am or how much they #inspired me, but without them this may not have become possible.
For many years I’ve listened to podcasts to help pass the time in my truck, but my love for them began with the Nerdist show. I remember hearing about Stitcher Radio and the Nerdist show and thought that I’d give it a chance as I was running out of audio books. I must have listened to 5 in a row. The show is excellent and the guests are always amazing, but what really got me was Chris Hardwick and his message of “Do your thing”. That night 4 or five years ago I began trying to discover what that “thing” was. I’ve got it now and I’m ready to do my thing. Thank you Mr. Hardwick and everyone over at Nerdist!

It Takes a Village to Raise an Author

“It Takes a Village…”

I am not sure why this quote entered my mind this morning; it was probably something said on NPR while I was still half in “Ben-land” getting up for the day. It occurred to me that this idea works for books as well. Books are like our children. Some are planned while others just happen naturally out of the blue. We bring them to life and do our best to instill everything in them that we hope to offer to the world. Some succeed and some do not. Feedback from others in the society of story lovers is necessary for authors to raise their stories to that which is required. Without feedback we simply continue down the same path as before. Our children will still grow into something, but who knows what.
Go back to where you find your stories and comment on the last work you read. Did you finish it, or was it one you had to set aside. Let the Author know how you felt about their work. Even if you could not get through the whole work (not all literature is for everyone) there was something that piqued your interest. What was that? Where did the Author lead you astray? I understand that the phrase “It takes a village…” tends to lead to imagery of neighbors spanking children that are not their own. This is not my meaning. I am not talking about beating an author down. There are respectful ways to honestly critique a persons work. Feelings may be hurt, but we authors tend to live in a dream land anyways. We will live, will continue on, and we will be better for it!


Family and Thanksgiving

As the day winds down and I think back on the events from earlier I realize that I am thankful for family. I know that seems like a copout, but I don’t mean family in the usual sense, but the idea of family. My family has spread throughout the country so Marie, the boy and I spent the day with people who are not related to us in any way and accept me and my family as members. We treat each other as Cousins, Uncles, Grandparents, etc. and seem to not even notice a difference anymore. I find it amazing that humans can find so much room in their hearts to continually let people in. I hope all who read this have an opportunity to extend their family beyond the borders of DNA or law. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope that everyone had a wonderful day.