Using Music In and To Inspire Your Writing: A Discussion With Indie Author Barbara Quinn

Last week we listened to Marie introduce readers to the indie read The Summer Springsteen’s Songs Saved Me. If you missed that episode, or just want to refresh your memory head back to episode 31. For our discussion we wanted to delve into the depths of using music as inspiration for writing. Also, we wanted to take a look a using music as a healing tool as Sophia from the story used Bruce Springsteen’s music.

Barbara Quinn was kind enough to send us her thoughts. Here’s a list of the topic questions:

1. In the from the author segment from your novel’s Amazon page you say, “This book is a tribute to the healing power of music and in particular to the songs of Springsteen?” what other artists or art form do you turn to for inspiration and to help guide you through life’s difficult moments?

2. What do you think it is about music, writing, or art in general that helps people to heal? Do you think it unlocks something within them or simply takes them away from the world and into their ‘self’ for a while?

3. There have been amazing reviews for The Summer Springsteen’s Songs Saved Me – congratulations on over 50 with all 4+ stars by the way! ? one thing that many people pointed out was that this was their first introduction to you with one reviewer saying, “This is definitely not my normal genre.” Do you think that the fact that most people can relate to the effects of music helped get people to that crucial step of reading the blurb?

4. One of your reviewers mentioned that she continually went to YouTube to listen to Springsteen songs because her knowledge of ‘The Boss’ (my little addition) was limited, but it helped her get a better feeling for Sofia’s feelings. Did you want the songs to help with understanding your character, or was this a bonus effect?

5. If you could go back and tell yourself anything about the field of writing what would it be? 

Barbara Quinn’s discussion episode will help with your writing, inspire your reading, and maybe even teach you some things about music and life that you did not know. The Summer Springsteen’s Songs Saved Me is available on Amazon. Remember to leave a review for the story and all of the stories you read when you’re finished! Reviews are such an important part of any artist’s journey and lead to learning and better content. In fact, podcasts love reviews too! Marie and I would be so appreciative if you’d leave a comment and review on apple podcasts or wherever you found us! Subscribe to the show to keep up with the stories!

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The Summer Springsteen’s Songs Saved Me: An Audiobook Format Introduction

This week the indie beginning podcast introduces readers to indie author Barbara Quinn with her indie read The Summer Springsteen’s Songs Saved Me. This story follows Sofia who came home to find her husband cheating and must now let go of her past, find freedom, and mend her broken soul. As is plain to see from the title, this story is influenced by the music of Bruce Springsteen and each chapter is headed by a different song from ‘The Boss’. If you are a fan, like me, this book has its own little built in soundtrack.

Tune in next week when we speak to the author about her thoughts on the power of music and art as a healing tool. What music has inspired her career? We also do a bit of research on our own about mixing writing with music. I (Benjamin) fell in love with music before I ever read a written word. Music is my oldest love (don’t tell Marie!) and I was so excited to be able to combine my love of books, my love of podcasting, and my love of music to bring you these episodes with Barbara Quinn.

The Summer Springsteen’s Songs Saved Me is available for purchase on amazon. It has had many positive reviews and will be great from any lover of stories collection. This week’s episode was brought to you by Shirts by Sarah. Head over to to find the shirt that tells your story. Subscribe to this podcast to keep up to date with the stories and the discussions. Remember to leave a review for this story and all stories you read when you finish. And help the Indie Beginning Podcast by leaving a review for us as well on ApplePodcasts or wherever you found us. Reviews are so important for any project and help us bring you the best content possible.

Music found in this episode was performed by Jahzzar and is titled Look Inside. Read more books, be the best possible you, and simply enjoy this wonderful life. Thanks for listening!

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The South East Asia Influence: A Conversation With Indie Author Robert A Webster

Ben and Marie sit down to discuss reviews left for last week’s featured indie beginning, Fossils by Robert A. Webster. If you missed the introduction, head back to episode 29 where you can listen to an audiobook format introduction as performed by Benjamin Franke.

Fossils: Viagra, Snuff and Rock ‘n’ Roll follows a group of unlikely geriatric rockers as they travel around South East Asia trying to flee adoring fans, the media, and the music industry in general. No one likes those guys! Being from South East Asia himself, Ben and Marie thought it would be great to learn about how this experience influenced this hilarious indie author.

This week’s topic questions:

1. How much influence has living in Cambodia had on your writing? What has had had the most influence?

2. Are there any drawbacks to being an author in south east Asia? What are the major difference between there and Cleethorpes?

3. Is there anything that is just more difficult to accomplish? For example, we recently introduced authors to a book written by Alieu Bundu from Sierra Leone and he had to travel to, and wait for, internet cafes to open just to send audio files.

4. I have read that your stories have been well received in Asia?

     4A.      Have you had to translate your stories?

     4B.      Do you think that Asia (south east Asia in particular) is under marketed in the writing field?

5. If you could go back and tell your early writing self one thing about being an author what would that be?

Fossils is available on amazon. Learn more about Robert A. Webster on his sites stormwriter or buddhasauthor. Remember to subscribe, rate, and review this podcast as it helps us bring you the best possible show. Let us know your thoughts! Follow Indie Beginning on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram and leave a comment on any of our posts. Better yet leave a comment below (I’m pointing down, but you’ll just have to take my word!) we will always reply. This episode was brought to you by Head there now to find a shirt that tells your story. Indie Beginning is an ACNBooks production. Please remember to read more books, be the best possible you, and to simply enjoy this wonderful life. Thanks for listening! Oh yeah, don’t drink too much you git! (listen to the show, you’ll understand)

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Fossils by Robert A. Webster as Read by Benjamin Franke an Audiobook Introduction

It is our goal to bring story lovers and indie authors together through reviews, dialog and unique topic discussions. Sad news in the indie beginning family, Marie’s grandfather Don has passed away and I wanted to take a moment for us to send our thoughts and prayers to Marie and the rest of our family. I’d also like to send my thoughts out to the universe. Living in different states, we weren’t able to visit as much as we’d have liked. It’s hard breaking through that Minnesota ‘Game of Thrones’ style wall of ice, but when we did Don was always so happy and full of stories, which I can only assume is where Marie fell in love with books. Don will be missed, and I am saddened to say goodbye to a wonderful man I wish I knew more. It is only fitting and somehow universally frightening that we had already scheduled the story Fossils by Robert A. Webster. This story follows a group of geriatric rockers as they meet, form a band and become a sensation! They become so adored that they must flee many countries in order to escape their crazed fans as well as the media and record companies. I will admit here that I adored this beginning and hope you do as well. Don, I hope you’re up there with a fish on the line and a beer in your hand, have a story ready for everyone when we catch up. This indie beginning is for you!

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Small Publishing Starter Houses and When to Move it on Up: A Disscussion With Author John Abraham-Watne

Last week we introduced you to Last Man On Campus by indie author John Abraham-Watne about a young man named Michael Sinclair who heads off to college only to discover a mystery that may change his entire life. We left off just after Michael has listened to an introduction speech by the headmaster and have already been teased a little about the college’s past in a conversation with Michael’s father. Head back to episode 27 to hear the introduction.

Author Questions:

1.-What made you decide to go with a small press such as North Star over being more traditionally published?

2.-What made you decide to go with a small press over the more popular Create Space, Author House, or KDP for your novel?


3.-How did the process go to use your publishing company?  Was it the standard “here is my work, publish it” or was a  negotiation (back and forth) of sorts?

4.-Are you going to stick with indie for your next piece or will you be querying agents for a more traditional approach-why or why not?

5.-If you could tell you past self anything about this journey what would it be?  What advice would you offer to a writer just beginning their journey?

Leave your thoughts about this podcast on our ACNBooks website and follow us on you’re the social media platform of your choice. Become part of the ACNBooks and Indie Beginning family by starting and joining in on conversations and helping indie authors learn in grow their craft. Last Man On Campus is available on Amazon and through North Star Press. Indie Beginning is an ACNBooks production and was edited by Ben Franke. This episode was brought to you by Shirts By Sarah head over and grab that ‘T’ that speaks your truth! All reviews were taken from Amazon or Goodreads. Leave a rating and review on your favorite podcast platform. As it is with authors, reviews are one of the best ways to support the podcasts you enjoy. We here at Indie Beginning ask everyone to read more books, be the best possible you, and to simply enjoy this wonderful life. Thanks for listening!


This week on the Indie Beginning Podcast!

Last Man on Campus by John Abraham-Watne as Read by Marie Kammerer Franke

Welcome back to the Indie Beginning Podcast where we bring story lovers and authors together through reviews, dialog, and unique topic segments. In honor of all of those who recently graduated high school, and may I say here congratulations to my niece Hannah, we thought that we would bring you a thrilling mysterious tale about a young man just beginning his college career in John Abraham-Watne’s Last Man on Campus as narrated by Marie Kammerer-Franke.

Michael Sinclair did not want to attend Malworth University. The smallest major campus in Minnesota, located in the sleepy western town of Cold River, was never the ideal space to find himself. And once Mike discovers the secrets that lay behind the school and the town, he delves into a mystery that could change his entire life. Does he dare become the Last Man on Campus?

John Abraham-Watne lives near Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis with his wife, Mary, and their two cats, Marble and Scout. This is his second novel. He has done freelance journalism with the Minneapolis Examiner since 2009.

Not only is this a special episode because it comes from Marie’s home state of Minnesoter it is also our half-way mark for the year. We’re at the hump! Let us know how we’ve done so far this year by leaving a rating and review on the podcast platform with which you are listening. Comment on our webpage or you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we will also see your comments. What did you like? What did you hate? I have tough skin and all criticism is a learning tool for us.




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