Episode 4: Forbidden and Taboo Topics in Literature

Today we discuss Forbidden and taboo topics in literature while reviewing reviews left for last week’s featured beginning, Dance of the Butterfly. Are there any topics too risqué for certain genres of literature? Author Scott Carruba has his own belief for this topic and shares it with Marie and Ben. What topics do you have trouble with in the books you read? Listener Tom comment that he has trouble with “Graphic depictions of torture. I’ll stop reading unless it’s short and serves a real purpose in the narrative.” Host Ben even gives an example of a book that he set down because of a Taboo topic. Listen here as everyone shares their experience of Dance of the Butterfly and Forbidden / Taboo Topics and remember to head over to Burialgrounds Coffee Co. to get your caffeine fix before the program!

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Episode 3: Dance of the Butterfly by Scott Carruba

This week we introduce readers to Scott Carruba’s dark urbButterfly, Lamppost, indie, beginning, Scott Carruba, Scott, Carruba, Black, White, Greyan fantasy Dance of the Butterfly about two warring families that must uphold a secret duty to protect humanity from a common enemy. This story chases danger, secrets, serial killers, and savage influences. After the show, stop by Acnbooks.com and leave a review. Reviews can also be left on Facebook, Twitter, or even in the comment section where you found this show. Write them, record an MP3, even video your review; we’ll find a home for them. Thanks for listening!
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Listen next week as we read the reviews for Scott Carruba’s Dance of the Butterfly and discuss Taboo Topics!
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Episode 2: Editing Dilemmas and Reviews for A Charming Nightmare

Editing is such an important part of the writing process. Episode Two: Editing Dilemmas and Reviews for A Charming NightmareMany indie authors forego this important step or join the “friends and family editing service” instead of hiring a formal editor. This episode discusses reviews left about Episode One’s featured story, A Charming Nightmare, as well as Ben and Marie’s top two Editing Dilemmas. As money is usually scarce for the author just trying to break into the literary world, where does one find the cash? Why should she get an editor and why is relying on self-editing such a bad idea? Each topic will be discussed.

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Listen next weeks as we read the beginning Scott Carruba’s Dance of the Butterfly.
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Indie Beginning Presents: A Charming Nightmare

Indie Beginning features the beginning of A Charming Nightmare

Click here to listen as our host Marie reads the beginning of her novel, A Charming Nightmare. This story is about a strong young woman named Aylin who is plucked from our time to help save the future of human kind. But, did she even want to go? Will she even help? Aylin is fierce, independent and her voice will be heard.
This sci-fi novel is full of time travel, aliens, and distant planets. It twists, turns and weaves its way through the universe. Enjoy the beginning of this tale.

Be sure to comment about the story below or on any of Indie Beginning’s social media pages for a chance to be included in next weeks podcast. Use the hashtag #indiebeginningreview followed by the title of the story, A Charming Nightmare.

Indie Beginning Pilot Episode

man woman costume howard stern photo boothClick the link to Meet Ben and Marie, the hosts of Indie Beginning. Learn about what is to come from the team! We are an interactive program so make sure you leave a comment with each cast either here or on one of our social media pages.

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