Indie Beginning Podcast

Coming in 2018 Indie Beginning Podcast will introduce indie and independently published authors to you; the reader! Each week we will read an introductory portion of a published piece of work and open a forum between the listeners, authors, and hosts in regards to what was heard. These comments will be discussed by the hosts the following week.

Without too many spoilers we are crossing all our t’s and dotting all our i’s legally in order to bring you the best possible podcast.

Authors-until we finish revamping, we are closed to any unsolicited submissions. But don’t fret! We promise the wait will be worth it; making it so easy for you to submit and get the best out of an experience with ACNBooks and Indie Beginning. Follow us at both @ACNBooks and @IndieBeginning on all forms of social media so you can learn first when our submission pages are open for your masterpieces again.

Readers, same goes for you! Follow @ACNBooks and @IndieBeginning on FB/Twitter/Instagram to keep up to date on our journey!

Click here to meet the hosts of Indie Beginning!