Summer of the Long Knives by LS Bassen an Audiobook Introduction

Benjamin Franke introduces readers to Summer of the Long Knives

This week we are featuring the indie novel Summer of the Long Knives by LS Bassen as read by Benjamin Franke. After an attack by a band of roving Nazi Brownshirts, Lisel Ganz, an artist’s model in Berlin, suffers an injury that gives her the ability to catch glimpses of the future. It is already too late for many, but Lisel now can see that an even greater evil lies ahead. Taking refuge in the home of artist Albert Entrater, Lisel meets Konrad, a Catholic priest involved in a plot to assassinate Hitler. Amid great betrayal, loss, and danger, Lisel must act while there is still time. A novel of what literary critic George Steiner has called alternity, Summer of the Long Knives explores the hopes and horrors that emerge from history’s darkest moments.

*Note!!! This story contains adult content that may not be suitable for all listeners. There is sexual violence as well as adult language.

Next week on episode 22 we will speak to LS Bassen about writing an Alternative History and what concerns she may have had as well as some tricks up her sleeve. Learn more about the author here. Remember to leave a comment below about what you have heard or post a question for the author and/or hosts.

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Angels, Demons, Faith and Fiction: an interview with Transgression author Brandy Ange

Angels, Demons, Faith and Fiction. Last week we introduced you Brandy Ange’s young adult fantasy novel Transgression about a daughter who must decide whether to side with angels who want little to do with her or demons who want too much in order to save her father. This episode is brought to you by the wonderful people at the Rapha House Organization. Proceeds from the purchase of Transgression are donated to this important cause. More information can be found at the end of the episode. Transgression is available for purchase on Brandy Ange’s Website and Amazon.

In this episode Marie and Ben discuss all of the positive reviews that have been left for this story as well as all of the calls for a movie based on the characters. The hosts will settle for the second book! Marie spoke to Brandy Ange about using religious material in her writing. Below you will find a list of the topic questions asked to the author:
1. As someone who has a degree in bible study, what are your thoughts on using religion and religious content in fiction?
2. Did you try to publish this story in a traditional sense? How did agents and/or publishing houses respond to the religious content?
3. Do you feel that fictionalizing religious content could go against people’s faith? Could it bring people to religion? Or do you feel that people can comfortably separate the two?
4. What sources did you seek out for inspiration and research? We noticed that Hell in Transgression agrees with Dante’s icy 9th circle of Hell.
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Transgression by Brandy Ange – An Audiobook Format Introduction


Transgression by Brandy Ange as read by Marie Kammerer Franke

After learning that Angels and Demons are real and among us Achaia is forced to pledge her allegiance. When it’s not just her life on the line, but her father’s as well, Achaia’s options are less than ideal. Forced to choose between angels who want nothing to do with her, and demons who want too much, it’s tempting to just let fate decide. This week we bring you Brandy Ange’s Young Adult Novel Transgression, book One in the Kingdom Come Series. Leave a comment or review below and we will include it next week when we speak to the author about angels, demons, faith and fiction.

Brandy Ange is an author from the east coast of North Carolina. She started writing with Frog and Toad fan fiction in second grade and never stopped. Ange enjoys jazz music, swing dancing, traveling, coffee, and mentoring troubled youth. Her current projects include two separate YA fantasy series, a memoir, a compilation of adult short stories, and some poetry. Her debut book, Transgression, was released on 11.11.17 and is helping to raise support for human trafficking victims by donating proceeds to the RaphaHouse Non-Profit. Learn more about Brandy Ange at

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Author Interview Recap – Subgenres, Outlining, World-building, Editing, and Trigger / Content Warnings


Ben and Marie recap Author Interviews

Every so often the lord of calendars brings us a bonus Monday which allows us to bring you a bonus episode. We thought it would be nice to do a recap our Author interviews. Music found in this episode comes from our friend Alto Key. Alto Key is a British indie folk artist, created by singer-songwriter Keian Barton. Barton composes each song at home in Bath, and works with musicians around the world to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Each song found in this episode comes from the Animals EP and can be found on Spotify.

Stick around after the episode and we’ll play my favorite song by this band in full. We have found our featured authors to be encouraging as well as full of unique and useful knowledge.
M. Pepper Langlinais, author of Brynnde: A Regency Romance, on Subgenres.
Scott Stevens, author of On Ice, on Outlining.
Paul Grover, author of Ark of Souls on World-building.
Marie Kammerer Franke, author of A Charming Nightmare on Editing.
Carmilla Voiez, author of Broken Mirror and other Morbid Tales on Trigger Warnings.

Goldilocks and The Three World-builders – Paul Grover Author Interview

Goldilocks and The Three World-Builders – An Author Interview with Paul Grover

Many people believe that authors place too much focus on world building while others think that they leave too much to the imagination. Is there a ‘Just Right’ amount of world-building? What types of stories need more intricate design. How long can an author keep an average reader’s attention and what happens if they lose it? This week Ben and Marie discuss these writing topics as well as learn what featured author of Ark of Souls Paul Grover thinks about articles like ‘Against World-Building’ by Lincoln Michel in an effort to help with your indie author creative writing projects.

Ark of Souls is available for purchase on Amazon. Hurry up and grab your copy before the sequel is released. We’d would like to thank our niece Madison for letting everyone know that she had arrived and you the listener for understanding. I think it added a little something… and if you the listener would like to join in on these conversations as well send Indie Beginning an audio review of each week’s featured story. Simply record your thoughts into your phone recorder and send it along to or write a review on our website. Become part of our featured author’s stories by helping them learn and grow! Music found in this week’s episode was written and performed by Swelling and comes from the album Projector Music for Visual Media. Please take a moment to rate and review our show on your favorite podcast platform, reviews are such an important part of the growth of any project. If you are an author and would like to hear your work on a future episode go to I am your host Benjamin Franke asking everyone to read more books, be the best possible you, and to simply enjoy this wonderful life. Thanks for listening!
Against World-Building
Independent Article

Brynnde: A Regency Romance by M. Pepper Langlinais an Audiobook Format Introduction


Brynnde, Episode fourteen, m pepper langlinais, flowers in hair,
Brynnde: A Regency Romance by M. Pepper Langlinais an Audiobook Format Introduction

This week we bring you the Regency Romance Brynnde written by Indie Author M. Pepper Langlinais. This light, bubbly historical romance follows Brynnde Archambault, a young woman adept at finding suiters for her friends and family yet is in desperate need for a match herself before being forced to marry Mr. Dallweather or as she may secretly think of him Dull-weather.
About the Author. M Pepper Langlinais is an award-winning screenwriter whose short script St. Peter in Chains won the Table Read My Screenplay in 2013. Her play “Warm Bodies” has been produced both on stage and as the short film Adverse Possession by Lavender/Hassan Productions, and her Sherlock Holmes stories have been bestsellers on Amazon. Follow this link to learn more on her website.
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