Fred’s Funeral by Sandy Day

soldier, tan, grey, freds, funeral, sandy, day, medals, statuesqueAfterlife, Memories, Family History. All of these themes arise in this weeks featured beginning, Fred’s Funeral by Sandy Day. A story inspired by the author’s very own Great Uncle Fred. Would you want to hear how people remembered you after you are gone? Do you share the same memory of yourself? Listen in the backround here! This episode is brought to you from the lovely people over at burialgrounds coffee company. Find all of their unique coffee blends at Remember to subscribe to the show on Stitcher, ApplePodcast or your favorite podcasting platform and leave a review! Leave a review below after the show. Reviews can also be left on Facebook, Twitter, or by sending an email to Write them, record a MP3, even video your review; we’ll find a home for them. Thanks for listening!