What Being A Writer Looks Like

What being a writer truly looks like…

More than once I have been introduced as “Marie-she writes books.”  Most of the time this happens at company functions, business meetings, or a work social socials as a conversation starter. And over 90% of the time people ask the same question;

“Why are you still working here?”

I have also been asked by aspiring authors:

“How fast can I expect to see the money roll in?”

My answer…

You more than likely won’t see more than maybe $60 roll in each month-and that’s being generous.

This answer is usually followed up with either “then why do it?” or “then what do you do all day?” 

Truth, writing for most of us, published or not, is a labor of love-not a step to instant wealth and fame.  You will spend a ton of money, for next to nothing in return.  And your work will be filled with your blood, sweat, and tears.  Most authors will never be able to quit the 9-5 and make enough off their books to pay the mortgage, or even buy that very much needed cup of Joe.

In reply to the “why do it”-I love it!  I feel accomplished every time a book gets sold or even picked up and looked over during a signing or convention. I get high off the “I did this!” rush of opening a shipment of a new release I created from start to finish and holding it in my hands for the very first time.

As for the “Then what do you do all day?” Well-let’s take a peek into a normal, glamour filled day in an author’s life, shall we?

On any calendar my days look like this:


Pick a day, any day, let’s go with Thursday…

You can find me Thursdays at a normal office job from 8-4:30, running figures, answering questions, forgetting I get 30 minutes for break when doing an interview during the lunch bell, budgets, NOI’s, Income and output, and trying so hard all day not to bang my head against the desk.

Then off to make dinner for the family and tidy up the shambles that a house filled with boys becomes on a daily bases.

By 5:30 we’re packing into a car and off to piano lessons for one of those boys.

From piano, the child gets abandoned back home so mom can make a 6:30 school meeting that will last until 9-9:30. Back home, I’ll have just enough time to make a cup of tea before reminding the children there is school in the morning. Once they are properly threatened into their beds I’ll sit down and read an episode of ACN’s Podcast Indie Beginning – and while it’s still fresh in my mind, and the children have given up all hopes in being up passed 10, I’ll record that piece I just reviewed.  That, on a good day, can take an hour.

 Then, we’re off to return ACN emails, before opening notes from the editor and approving her red marks, create a new advertisement, shoot off inquiries for marketing, balance the ACN accounts, and do all the small business owner type stuff I can squeeze in an hour.

Let’s roll to midnight shall we? I’ve forgotten about the cup of tea, so I hit reheat on the microwave, knowing full well it’ll still be in the heat-it-up machine tomorrow, forgotten completely until I go to put another fresh cup in there. So by midnight; I have a new WIP open, the room dark, and music humming through headphones…and I write…and write…and write…

Next thing you know its 3 a.m. and I’ve either not filled a page, or I’ve rambled on the sheets for thousands of words.

Bed…Friday starts at 7…

My day looks pretty much like yours, no?  Most authors work two jobs, one to pay the car insurance, the other pays nothing monetary, but holds a net worth of a million bucks mentally.  We don’t drive a Mercedes or live in a swanky palace, my home is split up between living spaces and home offices.  And for me, that’s ok.

My writing career as it stands today is enough for me that outside of my day job, I never introduce myself as an affordable housing specialist; instead when asked “what do you do?” I’ll reply with author or writer.

In an author’s world the mental gain far outweighs any monetary profit.

A Charming Nightmare has a new look!

Yup, that’s right.  A Charming Nightmare got her nails done, her hair did, and and over all new look (much to Catch’s complaints).  It’s kind of neat to know that writer’s can change things inside and out.



We’ve corrected our spelling and decided to ‘let’s eat, grandma.’ over ‘let’s eat grandma.’  All of ACN is in love with the new look, and can’t wait for the 2nd edition of A Charming Nightmare!



Goldilocks and The Three World-builders – Paul Grover Author Interview

Goldilocks and The Three World-Builders – An Author Interview with Paul Grover

Many people believe that authors place too much focus on world building while others think that they leave too much to the imagination. Is there a ‘Just Right’ amount of world-building? What types of stories need more intricate design. How long can an author keep an average reader’s attention and what happens if they lose it? This week Ben and Marie discuss these writing topics as well as learn what featured author of Ark of Souls Paul Grover thinks about articles like ‘Against World-Building’ by Lincoln Michel in an effort to help with your indie author creative writing projects.

Ark of Souls is available for purchase on Amazon. Hurry up and grab your copy before the sequel is released. We’d would like to thank our niece Madison for letting everyone know that she had arrived and you the listener for understanding. I think it added a little something… and if you the listener would like to join in on these conversations as well send Indie Beginning an audio review of each week’s featured story. Simply record your thoughts into your phone recorder and send it along to reviews.indiebeginning@gmail.com or write a review on our website. Become part of our featured author’s stories by helping them learn and grow! Music found in this week’s episode was written and performed by Swelling and comes from the album Projector Music for Visual Media. Please take a moment to rate and review our show on your favorite podcast platform, reviews are such an important part of the growth of any project. If you are an author and would like to hear your work on a future episode go to ACNBooks.com/Submit. I am your host Benjamin Franke asking everyone to read more books, be the best possible you, and to simply enjoy this wonderful life. Thanks for listening!
Against World-Building
Independent Article

SISTER’S LAMENT sneak peek

We had every intention of releasing Sister’s Lament today (March 21, 2018) on the anniversary of A Charming Nightmare.  Life – in the form of one finicky printer system-says otherwise.  So while everyone here at ACN diligently works on the technical issues along side our publisher; M.K.F. would like to give you a sneak peek at Chapter 1:


SL Page 1SL Page 2SL Page 3SL Page 4SL Page 5SL Page 6SL Page 7SL Page 8SL Page 9SL Page 10.


Sister’s Lament



We made it to March and Sister’s Lament (book 2 in the ACN Series) is in the pampering stages of per-release!  We’re so excited to share Aylin’s continued story with everyone.

Sister’s Lament will be on shelves very VERY soon!



Indie Beginning Presents: A Charming Nightmare

Indie Beginning features the beginning of A Charming Nightmare

Click here to listen as our host Marie reads the beginning of her novel, A Charming Nightmare. This story is about a strong young woman named Aylin who is plucked from our time to help save the future of human kind. But, did she even want to go? Will she even help? Aylin is fierce, independent and her voice will be heard.
This sci-fi novel is full of time travel, aliens, and distant planets. It twists, turns and weaves its way through the universe. Enjoy the beginning of this tale.

Be sure to comment about the story below or on any of Indie Beginning’s social media pages for a chance to be included in next weeks podcast. Use the hashtag #indiebeginningreview followed by the title of the story, A Charming Nightmare.