Goldilocks and The Three World-builders – Paul Grover Author Interview

Goldilocks and The Three World-Builders – An Author Interview with Paul Grover

Many people believe that authors place too much focus on world building while others think that they leave too much to the imagination. Is there a ‘Just Right’ amount of world-building? What types of stories need more intricate design. How long can an author keep an average reader’s attention and what happens if they lose it? This week Ben and Marie discuss these writing topics as well as learn what featured author of Ark of Souls Paul Grover thinks about articles like ‘Against World-Building’ by Lincoln Michel in an effort to help with your indie author creative writing projects.

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Against World-Building
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Sister’s Lament



We made it to March and Sister’s Lament (book 2 in the ACN Series) is in the pampering stages of per-release!  We’re so excited to share Aylin’s continued story with everyone.

Sister’s Lament will be on shelves very VERY soon!



Indie Beginning Presents: A Charming Nightmare

Indie Beginning features the beginning of A Charming Nightmare

Click here to listen as our host Marie reads the beginning of her novel, A Charming Nightmare. This story is about a strong young woman named Aylin who is plucked from our time to help save the future of human kind. But, did she even want to go? Will she even help? Aylin is fierce, independent and her voice will be heard.
This sci-fi novel is full of time travel, aliens, and distant planets. It twists, turns and weaves its way through the universe. Enjoy the beginning of this tale.

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